Social investment taskforce 10 year report - click to download

The Social Investment Task Force was established at the request of HM Treasury in April 2000 to carry out an urgent but considered assessment of the ways in which the UK could achieve a radical improvement in its capacity to create wealth, economic growth, employment and an improved social fabric in its poorest communities.

The first report of the Task Force Enterprising Communities: Wealth Beyond Welfare was published in October 2000 and was followed by two progress reports published in 2003 and 2005.

The Task Force has continued to meet periodically to monitor progress and consider ideas to take the social investment agenda forward.

After ten years, this final report of the Task Force reviews what has been achieved and suggests areas for further policy development.

Other SITF reports:

Click to download the 2000 report Click to download the 2003 report Click to download the 2005 report